The real warmth of Diwali comes from the gathering of the loving oddballs that we call family. This collection of unique characters and stories is best told by the fireworks that light up our homes.


The Overdressed Aunt

Meet our resident Flower pot.. The immaculately well groomed aunt that has definitely made a pinterest board of outfit ideas. She neverattends a function without polished nails or a hair out of place.


The Drunk Uncle

On to the self proclaimed “Party Starter”. Uncle Chakravarty who has had one too many at the pre-cocktail party and seems to be spinning more than the Chakri itself. He is as mad as a hatter and is the first to turn any conversation into a toast. Cheers!

Sparkling Sparsh

The Playful Cousin

Then we have the young, giggling cousin. The sparklers barely outshine her new jewellery and salwars that her mom forced her to buy just for the occasion. She’s the first one to rally the whole family into the streets to start the festivities.

Lax-man Bhai

The Daredevil Son

Keep your eye on the next one— daredevil Laxman. He is the adrenaline junkie that is one gutsy move away from chaos. You most often find him with an ignited Laxmi Bomb in his hand because of course, safety is his priority. Take cover in 3…2…1…

Hazaar-dous Harsh

The Enthusiastic Cousin

Next are the by far the worst neighbours to have. The young enthu cousins are daredevils in training who like to cause maximum havoc and do so with a smile from ear to ear.


The Typical Dad

Rockets are the show stoppers. The quiet dad who drops profound truth bombs when least expected. He silently listens to loud, exuberant chatter and chimes in with a one liner right at the end. “You know rockets are actually vertical submarines.”

Quick Gun Mohan

Maniac Munchkin

Mohan, the youngest in the family wants to be a part of the festivities, but is rarely trusted to play with the more fun dangerous fire crackers. This doesn’t stop him from embodying James Bond. "Ill take a glass of milk, shaken not stirred".


The All-knowing Mother

The foundation of the family, Deepa is the all-knowing, all-seeing mother. While the family is focussed on partying hard, she delicately lights diyas around the house, leaving behind her a trail of light and warmth.

All of us can relate to some of these characters.

So, shoot a rocket of prosperity! Light a chakri of crazy laughter. Sparkle with happiness. Come together like a family of diyas to celebrate this diwali. Be the light. Happy Diwali from all of us at Liquidink Design!